How do I install your tin ceiling products?

To read about how to install either a ceiling or backsplash, please visit our Installation Guide. You can also view our panel layout suggestions for more ideas on alternative layouts. We can also cut the panels to fit into a t-bar or a drop ceiling; or the panels can be stepped down or fastened underneath the t-bar to conceal the t-bar.

Can I paint the panels and do you have information on how I paint or clear seal them?

Yes, you can prime and paint the tin ceilings any colour. No special painting technique is required. You can also get some more information from our Finishing Guide section. If you intend to paint or clear seal the products please order them in the Bright Tin finish which is intended for that purpose.

How can I order samples of your tin ceiling products?

Sample pieces of our tin ceiling products are available for order. The cost for sample pieces depends on the size and the quantity you require and where you need them shipped. Please email for more information.

What material are the tin ceiling pieces manufactured from?

The standard material our products are manufactured in is 0.010 tin-plated steel. We have manufactured pieces in Aluminum, Solid Copper, Galvanized Steel and Perforated Tin Plated Steel as well, but those would be considered custom orders.

Where can I see pictures of tin ceilings?

We have several Picture Gallery sections throughout our website.

Mannheim Showroom
Custom Metalwork
Brian’s House
and Customer Pictures

How much will shipping your tin ceiling products to me cost?

Shipping cost depends on the size and weight of your order and your location. We will include the cost in your quote. Please email for a quote.

Do you manufacture custom orders?

We offer custom orders of any design or size, including custom residential or commercial copper work, hood ranges, copper finials, etc… Please email details of what you want fabricated for an estimate.

Where is your tin ceiling manufacturing shop located?

We are located in the small town of Mannheim in Ontario, Canada. Mannheim is just outside of Kitchener-Waterloo, an hour west of Toronto and an hour east of London. Here is a link to our contact info if you wish more information on directions and shop hours.

How do I place an order for your tin ceilings?

To place an order for our tin ceiling products you can email for an estimate or order online. We ship our our historically accurate tin ceiling products worldwide.

Please call (519) 743-9710 or email to place an order.

What are your address, telephone and fax numbers?

Brian Greer’s Tin Ceilings, Walls & Unique Metal Work
1572 Mannheim Road, RR #2
Petersburg, Ontario, Canada

Telephone: (519) 743-9710

Fax: (519) 570-1447


How can I get a different finish on my panels?

You can order the tin ceiling pieces in the Bright Tin finish and prime and paint them any colour you like. Please see our Finishing Guide for additional information

We can powder coat or electroplate our tin ceiling pieces in a variety of finishes. Please view our Finishes section to see the different finishes we can provide.

In addition, on larger orders we can powder coat our tin ceiling pieces a variety of custom colours. Please see our RAL reference chart here to see an example of available colours in our Custom Paint Finishes (RAL) Chart.

For the cost per panel in each of our different finishes please view our Online Store or email for more details.

Do I need to protect the tin ceiling pieces and how do I do that?

We recommend you apply a clear sealer to any tin ceiling pieces ordered in the Bright Tin finish to protect them from moisture if not painting after installation. This is espescially critical in high moisture applications such as Backsplashes, Bathrooms with showers, and Kitchens. Any of the other finishes are powder coated or electroplated and would not require a clear sealer after install.

Why are your tin ceiling tiles 2 ft x 2 ft ?

Our tin ceiling tiles are 2 ft x 2 ft so they are easy and safer for one person to work with and quick to install.

What is a safety hem and why do I need them?

A safety hem is when the metal edges are bent over to make an even smooth edge to give the cornices, moldings and fillers a finished look and make them comfortable and safer to handle. This is a feature that is unique to Brian Greer’s Tin Ceilings.