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All of our Moldings, Cornices and Fillers include Safety Hems. Make sure your Moldings, Cornices, and Fillers have Safety Hems for added quality, a cleaner appearance and a safer installation.

A Couple of Important Tips for Purchasing Tin Ceilings:

NEW QUICKER INSTALLATION! No screws or plywood required, just use construction adhesive and an air stapler or air nailer to secure tiles and panels to drywall etc.

We offer the highest quality and definition on all of our designs when compared to our competition, as stated by many of our customers. Order samples of our panels and compare the quality to the competition, you'll find that our pieces are much sharper in detail.

Be sure to check the quality of your tin ceiling tiles before purchasing large quantities. Order samples and compare the quality of the definition and detail in the designs.

Previsualize your ceiling before you purchase by creating a tin ceiling design in our Interactive Ceiling section, thousands of possibilities to choose from. Also, let us help ensure that your project is a success by sending us your project plan based on your room dimensions and layout ideas. We will be happy to review and give our input.

Please read our important information, how to order and pricing sections before you buy your ceiling and download our latest catalog to see all of the products and designs that we offer. You can also read articles and watch videos that other companies, newspapers, magazines and television programs have featured on us in our links and featured news sections.

Brian Greer's Tin Ceilings has found that customers would much rather purchase tin ceiling tiles with the highest quality and clearest definition possible. That's why all of our panels are crafted with the clearest dies offering unsurpassed quality and detail. We also are the only company to offer Safety Hems on all of our moldings, fillers and cornices, making them much easier and safer to install.

To ensure the most solid and stable installation, we feel that it is always better, and highly recommended, that you nail, screw or staple your tin ceiling up to 1/4" plywood or wood strapping. Therefore achieving a safe, as well as secure hold.

If you would like your panel designs to match your room decor, we have a lot of designs in stock that aren't shown on our website. Custom plates can also be crafted and we can powder coat the finished panels to match many colours in your decor.

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